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#60 – Mic Placement

By | August 25, 2008

Hey everybody, it’s been a long time since my last post but I’ve been crazy busy around here. I’ve got several site launches for clients and training products to create and promote (which I’ll have to plug in here somewhere or another). However, a listener sent me a question and I figured I’d throw together a real quick video to answer it india sildenafil.

The question is:

Ken: I notice in one of your little videos that your mic appears to be upside down? is there an advantage to doing it that way… Also which type of boom stand are you using?… I have stands from my playing days, but they are to bulky and my desk is massive… Ted.

Let me say that I forgot to address which boom stand I use in the video. It is a ProBoom sold by BSW.

Enjoy the video, more to come soon! This week’s podcast is not going to be available on iTunes, it’s Flash based.

I had a problem with Flash, so for now, we’re going back to MP4!

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#58 – Cleaning Up YouTube

By | July 24, 2008

Sorry for the delay folks, I was at a seminar and I totally forgot to get this posted. I actually have the next couple of weeks already set to go but I’ve got a bit of amazing news for you.

Starting in about 3 weeks we are changing our format. Since we’ve been evolving somewhat over the last year and dealing with more than podcasting, we decided to change to The Media Marketing Podcast. We’re going to be dealing with ANYTHING marketing that uses all the various types of media.

We’ll be having tutorials on audio and video, things like green screen techniques, producing commercials and all sorts of great topics. I’ll be showing you how it’s done as well as what is working and what’s not working.

As part of the process, let me give you a seriously fantastic golden nugget. I’m reworking the studio to allow us to focus on video as well as audio, and part of that process means getting a ton of new toys, both hardware and software. I’m going to reveal a dynamite source to you for video production. It’s called Digital Juice – www.DigitalJuice.com. They’ve got some tools that will blow your mind. Transitions, backgrounds, music, sound effects, lower-thirds, animations, and more for the best price I’ve seen on the net.

That is NOT an affiliate link either, they’re just so good I wanted to tell you about them. If you’re doing video, you’ll love them, trust me. They’ve even some of their own tutorials that give you a peek into the world of production. I’ve used a lot of their products over the years and was recently able to get one of their Editor’s Toolkits. Incredible deal.

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Encoding For YouTube

By | June 26, 2008

I tell you what, this has been a rough two weeks! First, this podcast was a bear to record, QuickTime kept giving me problems when I would try to show how to use it – it would just crash on me. Then after I got it recorded my computer caught a nasty Trojan Horse virus and essentially ruined my Windows installation. I thought I lost everything at first, then I thought I just lost my Outlook database – which would have been devistating.

I ended up being down for a week while trying to get my system reinstalled and all of my programs and files put back in cipla viagra online. Then I had to buy a nice little undelete program for $30 that saved my skin! It found and undeleted my Outlook database! So now I am back in action and can finally release this second installment in our trek to get traffic with YouTube. Enjoy!

Some videos on YouTube look good, most look terrible. Use my tips to get yours looking as good as they possibly can.

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Introduction to YouTube

By | June 6, 2008

During the next few episodes I’m going to be dealing with setting YouTube up to promote your podcast. I’ll show you some techniques for getting traffic with YouTube videos, how to select your video thumbnail and get it to show what you want, and how to get the best quality video.

It’s going to probably take me 4 or 5 videos to get through all this, but it’ll be worth it.

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Getting Voice and Music Mixed

By | May 30, 2008

Here’s the scoop. Episode 10 was supposed to have some pictures. They disappeared never to be found again! So wht I did is recreate the content in video format.

You should still go read Episode 10 because there are some tips there. But to see how to do it, watch this episode.

And if you are looking for the full Adobe Audition 3.0 training I mentioned at the end of the show, you can find it at www.WalkerStudioPro.com.

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Podcasting Tips

By | May 8, 2008

Another screencast (I’m feeling generous). This time, we’l jump into more mic technique tips and some other ‘non-technical’ podcasting advice.

I find that podcasting is more than just hardware, software, and engineering. Although those elements play a large role in the success of your podcast, personality and presence is just as important (if not more). Content is King in any venue. So to be a successful podcaster, you have to provide good content generic viagra without prescription. Anybody can get good equipment and learn how to hook it up. They can buy an expensive recording application and learn how to use it. But presence behind the mic is a skill learned over time.

This week’s episode is a lot of fun and will give you some helpful tips guaranteed to make you a better podcaster.

By the way, I’m trying a new encoder this week and I’m able to provide you with a 640×480 video! Enjoy.

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Learn to Create a Stinger

By | May 2, 2008

This episode is a screencast and has some helpful tips on working the mic and creating stingers. A stinger is basically a transitional sound byte, something that plays in between two segments to kinda help break things up a bit, without the need for a full on introduction.

Stingers add a lot of pizaz to your podcast and make it sound more refined and ‘radio like’. I’m using Adobe Audition, but of course you could use any multi-track mixing program.

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Make Money With Podcasting

By | April 24, 2008

How about that? Two episodes in one week! I know you’ve been suffering from withdrawls, and I’ve been thinking about something for awhile, so I’m back and I’m fired up.

Today’s episode is not going to be about anything directly related to Podcasting. The reason I say it isn’t directly related is because it’s not going to be about technical stuff. Instead, we’re gonna talk about money. Cashola. Dinero.

Some of you are probably podcasting for fun, but a lot of you are probably podcasting in the hopes that it’s going to make you some money, either directly from the podcast or from the traffic that it generates.

What I wanna do is help you out with some other aspects of podcasting, or at least making money as a podcaster and I’m actually going to start giving you some tips to making money online, basically, getting you setup to be profitable with your podcast.

Before we get into this, I want to say that I realize I have not aired the final pictures of the studio job I started covering a couple of months ago. I still have the pictures, but I’m saving it for the next video podcast and since the last two episodes have not been video, it’s got to wait.

You’re listening to the Podcasting Blog, I’m your host Ken Walker, and I’ll be right back.

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Advertising in Podcasts

By | April 23, 2008

The Podcasting Blog

I can’t believe it, I am in front of the Podcasting Blog Mic. I mean, it has been a long time. Whew. I gotta tell ya, I have been busy, busy, busy. Between consulting and creating content for clients, I have just been swamped but this week things kinda slowed down so I’ve got some time to record an episode, so here it is. Check out what I’ve got lined up for you this episode.

News on podcast advertising, the government is using podcasting for weather delivery, and I’ve got an equipment review, well, it’s not a real review per se, because I didn’t buy it, but I do talk about it and I think that counts, right? It’s pricy too but I think it’s selling pretty good and to be honest, if you’re pretty serious about podcasting, and you’ve got the cash, why not right?

So let’s get started with some podcasting news.

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How To Podcast

By | March 14, 2008

Hey everybody, long time no …er…well, you know, I haven’t posted a podcast in awhile. Why you ask? Why am I not following my own advice and posting at least once a month? Well, it’s because I’m sick. I lost my voice. It is just now coming back viagra österreich rezeptpflichtig. Of course, that only accounts for the last two weeks, but before that, I was working on a number of intense projects and I simply didn’t have time to make it to the show.

Hopefully, I’m looking at another couple of days before my voice is usable. At that point, I’m going to do my best to get back on track with once a week episodes. The good news is, what I’m doing is working for me and I’m making money online! I’ve got some great ideas for shows in the future. Tips for really helping you get traffic and make money.

I know we got kinda side-stepped on the studio project, so the next show will finish that up. I’ll just quickly show you what the final result was and then go over some details. My original intent was to take you through a nice course over several weeks with some real structure. Unfortunately, I must confess, I’m not very good at structure. I’m an artist at heart and I act very sporatically, on impulse. So I think I’m going to stop trying to fool the world (and myself) and quit making promises I’ll never keep!

Spring is nearly here and I can’t wait to get outside. Not that I’ve stayed inside all winter, but I haven’t done many outside activities, as I have somewhat of a detest for coldness, preferring to stay inside where it is warm. What can I say, I grew up in Naples, Florida?

I shant leave you without any sort of tip that at least relates to podcasting, however little it be. So here it is. When editing audio clips, zoom into the wave form pretty close so that you can see where the actual wave is going positive and negative over the centerline. You want to make your cut right at the zero line. That will make your edit seemless and not give you any pops or noticable transitions. This works for a raw voice edit. If there is background noise, that is another story.

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