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Video Podcasting

By | August 10, 2007

This week on the Podcasting Blog we’ll talk about promoting your video podcast through sites like YouTube and Google Video. I’ve also got another podcast review that gives us another success story for Indy podcasters, stay tuned.

Hey everybody, thanks for joining us, I’m Ken Walker and you’re listening to The Podcasting Blog where I give you all sorts of tips for podcasting and promoting your podcast. I’ve been wanting to focus on podcast promotion for awhile and throw together some tactics that are pretty easy to do and will help you get your podcast out there for people to hear, or in the case of a video podcast, get it out there for them to see.

We talked last week about MySpace and that’s a great tool, but something that is even better, if you’re doing a video podcast, is sites like Google Video and YouTube, which is now owned by Google. Obviously these sites are geared specifically for video sharing, but what they offer is not only hosting, but promotion, you can get your podcast noticed by literally thousands of users.

The way it works is you create your content, it can be a screen capture or just you sitting in front of a webcam, or whatever other type of video content you want to create. You sign up with the service, which again is free, and then upload your video. You get to put a title, a description, and tags for the video, that obviously would have keywords in them.

It’s a little different though than typical SEO stuff, because you want to give your video a title that flows nice. So even though you use keywords, you’re not gonna use typical SEO tactics like ‘Tennis shoes for tennis pros and tennis players playing tennis’. That’s something you might put on an article, but not as a video title because you want it to flow naturally and look appealing, so you might just use ‘The Tennis Shoes Pro Players Prefer’. Then of course your video is about what shoes you recommend.

Let’s say you sign up for YouTube, you select a keyword rich title, for your description you want it rather lengthy, but again, it needs to read smoothly. I’m talking 1 to 2 paragraphs about what the video content is. Don’t make it look like an ad, put real helpful information in there. You can even put the URL of your site, but it’s not gonna be clickable.

Fill out the optional information because all it does is help people to potentially find your video and the more people see your video, the more visitors you’ll get.

So your podcast is about tennis for example, you do a video podcast on tennis shoes you recommend, and put some text as a description, maybe even your show notes. Then you upload the video.

Requirement may vary a little, but typically your video should have a resolution of 320×240 and be fairly short, like 3-5 minutes. Now, if your podcast is longer than that, no big deal, but what you’ll want to do is post some highlights. So you would edit your full length podcast so it’s less than 5 minutes, and then use that excerpt version to upload. The reason is, first the sites have limitations of what they’ll allow, and second, people don’t have long attention spans. So you want to hit them hard and fast and make them want to hear your whole podcast.

I do Photoshop training and I’m starting a new site specifically for photo restoration and portrait enhancement. Now my episodes are gonna be around 15 to 20 minutes long, so what I’ll do is edit that down to a manageable size and upload it. Another thing you can do if you absolutely want to upload it all, is cut it into 5 minute pieces and upload those separately. People can watch the first 5 minutes and decide if they want to see the rest. It’s really easy for them to find the rest of the parts because they’ll show up on the page.

Now, let me give you some pointers. First, make sure your URL appears periodically throughout the video. That way people will know where it came from and that’s seriously important because once the video is on YouTube or Google Video, anybody is going to be able to grab it, so you want your name out there. Put your logo or URL on the opening and closing screens.

Make the video unique, you’re only gonna stand out if you’re doing something different, and if you’re doing it well, which, to be honest, doing something real well is basically unique today because there are lots of people out there putting poorly produced audio and video up on YouTube. So do a good job and you’ll stand out.

For podcasts, I recommend that you release a new episode once a week, if you have the content and you’re doing it full time, consider twice a week because the more new content you have, the more exposure you’ll get and that reminds me of the podcast that I’m gonna review this week, he does an excellent job of that and right after this short break, we’ll check it out.

Mysterious Universe
One of the things that I look for in a podcast, is not only good quality content and audio, but a successful marketing strategy because when we see people doing something and being successful at it, that means we can learn from them and possibly improve what we’re doing.

That’s exactly what I found with this week’s review. I’ve actually been listening to this podcast for a very long time because it’s a well done podcast and the content is very interesting. It’s called Mysterious Universe and it covers some very interesting topics but that’s not really our focus here. What we want to focus on is the technical aspects and the marketing plan.

First of all, the content that was selected is appealing due to its nature, so it was a good selection for a podcast. Second, the audio quality is excellent and Benjamin does a great job of production work. Sometimes the audio interludes are a little long for my taste but I think his intent is to actually showcase the musicians a bit and give them some exposure.

Third is Benjamin’s marketing strategy. He puts out a free episode of Mysterious Universe every week and it is a high class production, but the way he makes his money, and he is a full time podcaster now, the way he makes his money is in providing an extended version, as well as an extra episode for premium subscribers. So if you sign up, you get more content, and since you’ve heard his free podcast, you basically know what you’re getting. He essentially hooks you with the free stuff, it’s a great tactic.

Another thing that I like about the podcast is that he’s very personal with his listeners, he even asks them to vote for him on podcastalley and a lot of times he shows up in the top 10. If you’ve got some time, definitely check out the show for its audio quality and program structure. You can find it at mysteriousuniverse.org or do a search on iTunes for Mysterious Universe.

We have once again reached the end of another episode of The Podcasting Blog. You can reach me at podcasting@seocompany.ca. The Podcasting Blog is sponsored in part by the SEO Company. Please visit their website at www.seocompany.ca. Have a great weekend.

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