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Stats Tracking and Promotion

By | August 24, 2007

This week…you just have to listen to me ramble…

Talk about a busy week, I gotta tell you. I know I missed last week’s episode and I’m terribly sorry for that, but I have been getting totally swamped with work since I moved back to the states. I’ve got a new client that just seems to have tons of work for me to do, which is a good thing so no complaints here.

I have had like, honestly 15 minutes to work on my new book and at this rate it won’t be done until like Spring of 2008 but I’m gonna try to push a little harder. This week I wanted to do an equipment review but you know what? I haven’t bought anything recently so I think that means I’m gonna have to take an online trip and look for some new equipment. The new studio is great, I’m loving it. I’m in the basement, and I tell you what, there’s a big difference when sound can only come from two walls, especially when there isn’t anyone on the other side of those two walls! I mean, the only thing I have to worry about right now is the ceiling and I’m getting ready to solve that here pretty quick.

Let’s see, what else have I been up too? Oh yeah, I’m getting ready to launch two new websites, both podcasts of course, one on Photo Restoration and the other one is kinda top secret for right now but I’ll be letting you know once it’s up. So that’s kinda kept me busy as well, but enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

How’s your podcast doing? How’s your traffic? What do you use to track your traffic? That’s a question I see all the time, people wanna know how they can tell how many subscribers they’ve got, especially with iTunes.

You wanna know the honest truth, there’s no definite way to tell where all your listeners are coming from, but if you use FeedBurner, and only give out that feed, then you’ve got a good start at it. Aside from that though, let’s say you don’t use feed burner, or you didn’t find out about it until it was too late and you already put your feed in a ton of directories, you can still see what kinda traffic you’re getting just by checking your server logs, that’s right. Your server logs can actually tell you how often a certain file has been served. Pretty neat huh?

Now, I use a WordPress plugin called PodPress, and if you’re using WordPress, I totally recommend it, but that plugin has some great stats that it keeps for you and you can see all kinds of helpful info like what is the most popular podcast, what format is most popular, if you do multiple formats, you can see how many people play the file on the website, which would mean they probably aren’t subscribed, and you can see how many are playing it by linking straight to it, which means more than likely they’re subscribed. Pretty nice anyhow, I like it.

I’d like to do a little survey here and this is on going so even if you hear this podcast late, still comment on it, but I’d like to know what software everybody’s using to create their podcast. I’ve said before I mostly use Audition but on occasion I’ll jump over to my Mac and use GarageBand, BTW did you see that iLife 08 is out? I saw that on Apple’s site the other day and I need to see if I can upgrade.

Anyhow, post a comment and let me know cause if there’s a large base of a certain app, I’ll consider doing some tutorials on that app and in case you didn’t know I do video tutorials on lots of software so I can get you some pretty nice tutorials. I’m planning on doing something in Audition pretty soon. I downloaded the latest version of that though, and there was something really weird.

In Audition 1.5 I can select different input and output devices. I can say, I want to record with my Edirol and I want to play back with my computer’s sound card. For some reason though, it wouldn’t work in 2.0, it didn’t even look like it was an option, so the trial was short lived, since I absolutely have to work that way.

Hey, since this episode is so scatter brained, I had to get something out this week and time has just been alluding me, but since this podcast is pretty much all over the topical spectrum, is anybody out there using podcasting and it’s just to support a real product?

The reason I’m asking is because that’s what I plan to do with my secret site, so I’d like to know how it’s working if there’s anybody out there doing it. Here’s my plan. I’ve got a great idea for a product and a site, I’m getting the site ready and I’ll start recording for the podcast pretty soon, but what I’m gonna do is sell the product on the site, and do a weekly podcast with tips that of course relate to what is being sold on the site.

It’s a pretty classic idea but I’d like to hear from somebody that’s doing it successfully. I mean, I’ve got another site, a client actually, that sells online training, and they’ve got a site that I do a video podcast for and it’s free training. They do that kinda hoping people will go to the paid site when they need full training on something, right?

Well, what I’m gonna do, and I’ll let you know how it works out, but I’m gonna do something very similar but of course it will be me doing it for my own site. The reason I think this’ll work is because one thing about selling online, and this is a big one, is trust.

To get users to buy from you you have to build this trust relationship and I think a podcast is really good for that. I don’t mean like just an audio file that plays on the website either, lots of people do that, I mean a regular produced show. Really, that’s what a lot of people and companies do. If you’ve ever watched PhotoshopTV, which is a weekly podcast on Photoshop, that’s basically their model. They provide somewhat of an entertaining podcast, and you learn a little along the way. Then they have their training and other stuff you can buy on the site. I’ve watched them for a long time but today I finally had the bright idea of checking their Alexa ranking…it’s like 300,000 which isn’t stellar but if you think about it in context to their niche, it’s pretty good. I mean if you can rank 300k and you’re only appealing to people that are into Photoshop, then I think you’re doing pretty good.

Incidentally, if you don’t know about Alexa, check it out it’s a great way to see how a site ranks as far as traffic and there’s lots of uses for that kinda info.

Which, you know what, now that I mentioned Alexa, I mean this is a totally mixed up episode and I’m sure you can tell that it’s very late and I’ve been very busy, but now that I mentioned Alexa, let me tell you what to do if you wanna use some of the marketing tips I’ve been giving in the last few episodes.

Go to Alexa and on their home page, they rank the top sites. These are sites that get the most traffic on the Internet. See if you can find some site that is climbing the charts and go there. Poke around and look for ways to post comments or a forum, or whatever, especially social networking sites, and post something about your podcast, in context of course. Look for ways to promote yourself.

Another good site to visit is statsaholic.com/sethgodin that shows you specifically Web 2.0 sites and you can see their rankings and whether they’re going up or down in popularity. You’ll see that pretty much all the Web 2.0 sites are social networking, but I’ll tell you a good tactic, look for one that is young, but on the rise, and sign up. You’ll get in early and can start building a reputation. Then use it to send traffic to your blog or podcast.

Anyhow, thanks for tuning in, hopefully things will settle down a bit soon, but to be honest, I don’t foresee it in the near future. I am starting to train my wife to edit though, so maybe I’ll be able to get more recording done, and she can do my editing.

I’m Ken Walker, you’ve been listening to the Podcasting Blog. Email me at podcasting@seocompany.ca, or post a comment. See you next week.

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