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#12: WordPress Modules

By | January 22, 2007

WordPressI chose WordPress because it’s real easy to use and it has a lot of great features. With the latest version, which is currently 2.1, you can get going with podcasting right away, but there are some other modules that’ll make your experience, and your site visitors, a little more robust.

With your site, there are two main aspects that we have to consider. We’ll call the first one Experience. This includes the functionality of the site for your users, and the aesthetics or how it looks. Those are both pretty important today cause there’s a lot of competition out there, so you want your site to look nice and you want it to function logically and be easy to navigate.

The second aspect is on your side of things. How do I see what’s going on with my site? How do I determine what works and what doesn’t? How do I get my site to validate? Things like that, not to mention if you’re trying to make some money with your site by putting some advertising up or having sponsors.

So for right now, we’re just gonna make believe like you want a simple site that looks clean, isn’t flashy, and basically plays your podcasts. The beauty of WordPress is that you can make seriously big changes to the way the site looks, and the ‘behind the scenes’ functionality, very simply.

I’m gonna recommend two modules to you that will both play your podcasts. One is very simple and just plays your podcast. The other is actually built on the first one, but it’s got a lot of extras and it’ll help you get your RSS setup and ready for iTunes, and it’ll also help you get some statistics like how many times a particular podcast has been played or downloaded.

The first one is the audio.module. This is a very nice looking Flash player and it’s clean. Again though, this is simply a player, it’s nice though because you can set it up so all you have to do is put a link to your MP3 file in your blog post, and the player will just put itself there automatically, it’s really a nice player and it’s the one I use on this site.

The second option is for something a little more robust. It’s called PodPress by Dan Kuykendall over at mightyseek.com. PodPress does a lot of the work getting your podcast ready for iTunes and it also keeps some statistical information for you. Like I said, it’s built with the audio.module so it has a nice Flash player, and it gives your subscribers links for downloading your files or playing them right on the web. I use it on another site of mine to do screencasting.

And basically, as far as being able to do a nice podcast, that’s all you need. Pick one of those modules and start podcasting.

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