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#14: Keywords

By | January 25, 2007

Keyword SelectionYou already know that it’s important to transcribe your podcast because that’s the only way that search engines are gonna be able to see what your podcasts are about, right? And if the search engine knows what your podcast is about, then it’s gonna be able to send you traffic when people search of things that are in your podcast, right? Well, yes, but just because you said the word ‘hotdog’ in your podcast, doesn’t mean that you want people who searched for the word ‘hotdog’ to listen to your podcast. Cause it might not have anything to do with your podcast, right? Here’s how it works.

If you really want to promote your site, you’re gonna have to do a little bit of research, or you have to hire somebody like us to do it for you. You have to look at the contents of your podcast or your website, and determine special words and phrases that express the content of the podcast or website.

For example, let’s say you’re podcasting about Wilderness Survival (which gives me a good idea for a podcast), you’re gonna start by using a keyword tool like one of the ones I linked to in this blog. You’ll probably search for the keyword phrase ‘wilderness survival’. You’ll find out how often people search for that term and if you use the Overture tool, you can even see how often per hour, but most of those types of tools are gonna give you numbers like how often people search for that term per month.

With a lot of the tools, you’ll also see other searches that are related to your search. This’ll kinda give you an idea of how popular that particular keyword phrase is. You might spend 20 minutes just thinking of keywords and finding what’s the most popular search terms, and then you’ll use those keywords for your posts. You wanna use them in the content of your post, in your podcast if possible, and as meta tags.

You might have some generic ones that apply to all your podcasts, and you might have some others that apply specifically to certain episodes. For example, you might have ‘wilderness survival’ as a keyword for all your podcasts, and one podcast might also use the phrase ‘rocky mountains’ while another podcast uses ‘appalachian mountains’. That way, if somebody searches for ‘wilderness survival’, all your podcasts could show up, but if they look for ‘wilderness survival in the rocky mountains’, then the pertinent podcast that has that ‘rocky mountains’ in there, is gonna get preferential ranking.

There’s a huge selection of keyword tools here and also tons of stuff all over the web. It just depends on how much work you wanna do to promote your site. Next week I plan on having Bob Mutch on the show and Bob’s a SEO genius. He’s gonna tell us some of the basic work that’s needed to promote a podcast from an SEO standpoint and for those of you who don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So Bob’s gonna tell us how to go through our site and optimize it so that the search engines really like the site. So next week’s show should be very interesting and you’ll learn a lot about how you can make your site rank better in a search engine.

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