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#15: Special Bulletin

By | January 31, 2007

Behringer PodcastudioI’m gonna take a detour from our normal format this week, cause I wanna give you a heads up on some equipment that I ran across. I was looking for a new digital piano for my daughter and I headed over to American Music Supply which is just one of the places I get some of my music equipment.

On the front page they had a bundle that looked real nice for someone that’s wanting to get into podcasting and doesn’t have any equipment except for the computer. It even included software for recording. Now, I haven’t used this equipment myself, but it’s put out by BEHRINGER and for the most part, I like their equipment. The best part is, the whole package is $179 and it gives you everything that you have to have to get started.

I’d consider this a major step up from a cheap mic recorded through a stock sound card. Let’s look at what you get, and I have no connection with BEHRINGER or AMS, so this isn’t a paid advertisement OK? I just saw a great deal and figured I’d help out those of you that are on a tight budget buy silagra 100 mg.

The mixer itself has 8 inputs and stereo outputs. It’s a small mixer, but it’s way more flexible than a typical podcaster is gonna need. Two of the inputs are XLR which means you have two places for XLR mics, just in case you’re gonna do interviews.

The EQ section is typical for something like this, three bands Hi – Mid – Low. The thing is firewire too which is a very nice feature. It’s kinda like the mixer IS the sound card, so you’re gonna get pretty quiet operation.

It comes with a large diaphragm condenser mic, again I’ve never used it but I can pretty much guarantee it’s better than anything you’d buy at Wal-Mart.

You get a pair of headphones and it even comes with a windscreen for the mic, and all the cables you need to hook everything up. Really, for somebody getting started, this is a turn-key solution and would work great for a portable setup with a laptop.

It looks like it comes with a special version of Abelton Live and it also looks like they’re giving you Audacity, which is pretty much free but that means there’s a good chance they’ve at least tested it or they probably wouldn’t distribute it.

Again, the whole deal’s $180 at American Music Supply, check it out. Definitely let me know if you get one and what kind of experience you had with it.

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One Response to “#15: Special Bulletin”

  1. Matt Says:
    March 1st, 2007 at 8:13 pm

    Hey thanks Ken! That was seriously helpful.



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