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How To Podcast

By | March 14, 2008

Hey everybody, long time no …er…well, you know, I haven’t posted a podcast in awhile. Why you ask? Why am I not following my own advice and posting at least once a month? Well, it’s because I’m sick. I lost my voice. It is just now coming back viagra österreich rezeptpflichtig. Of course, that only accounts for the last two weeks, but before that, I was working on a number of intense projects and I simply didn’t have time to make it to the show.

Hopefully, I’m looking at another couple of days before my voice is usable. At that point, I’m going to do my best to get back on track with once a week episodes. The good news is, what I’m doing is working for me and I’m making money online! I’ve got some great ideas for shows in the future. Tips for really helping you get traffic and make money.

I know we got kinda side-stepped on the studio project, so the next show will finish that up. I’ll just quickly show you what the final result was and then go over some details. My original intent was to take you through a nice course over several weeks with some real structure. Unfortunately, I must confess, I’m not very good at structure. I’m an artist at heart and I act very sporatically, on impulse. So I think I’m going to stop trying to fool the world (and myself) and quit making promises I’ll never keep!

Spring is nearly here and I can’t wait to get outside. Not that I’ve stayed inside all winter, but I haven’t done many outside activities, as I have somewhat of a detest for coldness, preferring to stay inside where it is warm. What can I say, I grew up in Naples, Florida?

I shant leave you without any sort of tip that at least relates to podcasting, however little it be. So here it is. When editing audio clips, zoom into the wave form pretty close so that you can see where the actual wave is going positive and negative over the centerline. You want to make your cut right at the zero line. That will make your edit seemless and not give you any pops or noticable transitions. This works for a raw voice edit. If there is background noise, that is another story.

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